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Computer Aided Design is the means of producing graphical records of your facilities, equipment and processes.  This can require vast amounts in information: thousands of drawings may be required for even a modest-sized plant or architectural concept.

Object Oriented CAD can be used to accurately identify associated information such as inventory spare parts, maintenance history, purchasing data and a host of other attributes particular to a business object or asset. Applying OO technology concepts to CAD makes organizing files, text and graphics easier. Therefore, Inventory Management Systems, Maintenance Systems, Electronic Libraries and Document Management Systems all work together in producing CAD System information with the graphic. UpArrow Consultants will help guide you in setting up secure integrated drawing sharing online. Using advanced drawing technologies online encourages project team collaboration, without geographical bounds.

UpArrow Consultants can work with you to improve your CAD Design strategies, procedures and standards using the latest graphical design drafting systems, including:

  • Micro Station
  • AutoCAD

UpArrow Consultants are professional engineers with vast experience in CAD design and intelligent integrated system operations.