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UpArrow Consultants offers a comprehensive Enterprise Master Planning Process for business and industrial "basis of design" development. A complete plan is developed that assesses and integrates hardware/ software systems with existing cultures, trends, and work control methods.

This process is based on consideration of primary key enterprise performance factors.  UpArrow consultants have proven its Master Planning techniques on numerous projects for major international corporations. 

UpArrow Consultants Master Planning summary:

  • Enterprise Master Planning Development
  • Define Enterprise Business Entity
  • Objectives, Strategies, Goals, Business Plan & Critical Success Factors
  • Physical Systems
  • Logical Systems
  • People Systems
  • Training and Documentation Plans
  • Analyze Costs, Benefits, and Risk

The method takes a current view: "As Is", which is compared to a goal, "To Be". The difference or "GAP" is analyzed and provides the platform for correction. Master Planning must incorporate all major business systems to accomplish enterprise goals.

The concept is simple. The effects are powerful!